Friday, June 27, 2014

C'est L'été

It is summer!!! or in French- c'est l'été!

We are home from the trip and I finally have time to catch back up on my blog. Sorry for all the late posts y'all.

So when we arrived in Paris our first day, it was the first day of summer! We got off the train around noon, and headed to our hotel. The hotel was right outside the city of Paris and in the local suburbs and was a great hotel. After putting our luggage away, Cyril decided to take us on a traditional French picnic and  we headed to a park right by our hotel. While waiting for our Cyril to go grocery shopping to get our food we wandered about the park. After climbing many stairs, we were rewarded by a gorgeous view of the city. We even saw our first glimpse of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Finally Cyril came back with our food, and we had a lunch of baguette sandwiches. We got to try some new foods, and I discovered that I loved brie cheese! We even got cake for one of the girl's birthday and Cyril sang "Happy Birthday" to her in French.

After our traditional French lunch, we headed into the heart of the city. To get there we had to use the city's metro. We learned our lessons about watching our stuff for pick pockets and experienced the crowds of the metro. But then we finally reached the heart of the city, and it was so beautiful and majestic. The architecture every where was old and great. We took a walk around the city to see what Paris was all about. We passed the upscale shopping of town, saw extensive parks, and saw the Louvre. We even got bombarded by Parisian boys who wanted to selfie with us!

Cyril's wife, who came with us our first day, then took us to some shopping areas of Paris. We got to go clothes shopping in some Paris stores! I personally got a dress and sweater from C&A, which is Paris's version of H&M! After shopping, it was time to head out to dinner. Cyril decided he would take us the scenic route to the restaurant. We walked about 45 minutes, but I enjoyed all of it. My friend who I had made on my trip, April, and I talked to Cyril's wife and tried to learn some French. We also got to look around at the less tourist part of Paris and just experience the city. After dinner, we were all tired so we headed back to the hotel. Overall, I think this was one of my favorite day of the trip!

Also here is some of the French that we have learned:

It is summer - c'est l'été.
He is cute - il est beau
Welcome - beinvinue
thank you - Merci
hello - bonjour

I will post soon about the rest of our time in Paris!

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