Saturday, June 21, 2014

Marking things off the Bucket list

Good morning everyone! It's a bright and early 6 am here! And we had to wake up at an early 4:45. But now I'm good, I've got my Costa coffee in hand (the Starbucks of Europe) and are waiting in the train station to go Paris today. We visited Pax Lodge in the morning yesterday , which is one of the Girl Scout World Centers! I get to mark going off of my bucket list. One of the things we did there was have a high English tea. The scones were delicious and the tea was great. It was neat experiencing a traditional English custom. Afterwards we went to the Glode Theater and saw an awesome sword fighting demonstration. Afterwards came my favorite part of the day - FREE TIME! We broke into smaller groups and went on mini adventures. My group went down to the banks of the river Thames where it was rumored we could find treasures. In our search we found sea glass and a piece of cool ceramic. Afterwards we wandered upon a street performer who was blowing very large bubbles. We being mature adults stayed there for a while and tried to catch the bubbles. I know this is a memory I will cherish for a life time. We continued to wander and laugh at many small things. For dinner we had fish and chips that were delightful! We then finished the night off with a little shopping. Can't wait until we are in Paris later today! 

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  1. I'm so happy for you all -- my eyes are tearing up it looks so neat and you all are such super duper people!